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About Us

Who We Are

十大赌博正规信誉网址下载 is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote excellence in health and health care through education and evaluation.

十大赌博正规信誉网址下载 is headquartered in Little Rock, AR, with an additional office in Fort Smith, AR. We have a highly trained, dedicated staff of 300 employees who work with health care providers in all settings.

Established in 1972 as a Professional Standards Review Organization, 十大赌博正规信誉网址下载 has nearly five decades of health care experience. We work with the state Medicaid programs, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, health departments, hospitals, clinicians, long-term care facilities and private insurers.

At the forefront of health care reform and practice transformation, 十大赌博正规信誉网址下载 is an established, trusted partner in private, state and federally led payment initiatives by Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers.

What We Do

  • Quality improvement outreach
  • Review: medical cases, prior authorization, utilization
  • Health care provider outreach, education and training
  • Health care costs control
  • Data mining and analysis, surveys and reporting
  • Inbound and outbound call center
  • Health information technology
  • Health policy analysis and leadership
  • HIPAA security risk analysis
  • Transformation of medical practices to value-based care
  • Marketing and communications
  • Consumer health education

How We Do It

  • Improve patient quality and outcomes by using multidisciplinary teams to work with medical practices, hospitals and other health care facilities
  • Control health costs by identifying and limiting unnecessary or duplicative services
  • Improve patient care by training clinic staff to implement 24/7 phone access, patients’ online access to medical records, same-day appointments and targeted consumer health education
  • Provide accurate and timely data to measure and improve health outcomes
  • Develop easy-to-understand communications tools to educate consumers on how to improve their health

十大赌博正规信誉网址下载's Impact

  • Much of health care is paid by public dollars. Taxpayers deserve an effective, efficient use of their investment.
  • Reducing unnecessary spending on health care costs helps the economy, families and local businesses. More of a state’s resources can be spent on schools, roads, corrections and infrastructure.
  • Improving health care improves school graduation rates, reduces property and violent crime, allows lower spending on social services, bolsters local hospitals by reducing uncompensated care, and most importantly – saves lives.
  • Children who have access to health care most of their childhood are less likely to drop out of high school and more likely to earn a college degree, creating a higher-earning, more skilled workforce.
  • Access to mental health services reduces addiction, homelessness and financial instability.

Why 十大赌博正规信誉网址下载 Matters

十大赌博正规信誉网址下载 is staffed by 300 health care professionals including physicians, nurses, statisticians, communicators and educators.

While the health care industry is in a time of great change, 十大赌博正规信誉网址下载’s purpose is solid. We help health care providers deliver the best quality of care at the lowest cost and empower patients to take control of their health and that of their families.

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